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What is gen_challenge?

A sister community to yaoi_challenge, het_challenge, and yuri_challenge, gen_challenge is an open fandom based com for gen fics and fanart and prompts.

How does it work?

1. Make a prompt

A prompt consists of a fandom, one or more characters, and an idea for a story or artwork. For example: Lord of the Rings, Eowyn and Merry, "Calm before the storm". You can see some examples from Round 1 here.

Anyone can leave a prompt, and prompts can be for any fandom. Leaving a prompt puts you under no obligation to participate further if you don't want to. So if you've had any plot bunnies that need a home, feel free to leave them here!

2. Claim a prompt

Prompts are then collected into a list and people choose which ones they want to use. You can pick any, as long as you don't pick your own.

3. Complete your work

Once you've got one or more prompts, you've got a deadline to create a fanfic or fanart on each prompt. If you can't finish it before the deadline, it's no problem to drop your claims.

Want to know more?

We're currently in Round 2, in the stage of leaving prompts. You can leave a prompt (or more) here.
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